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PRICE: $110


EYENVY is an INCREDIBLE product guaranteed to give you longer, thicker more beautiful lashes!  
This is one of our favorite products!
This is a breakthrough formula conditioner for eyebrows and lashes.
EYENVY will improve the length, volume, fullness and strength of your lashes in just 4-6 weeks!
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This mascara lengthens, conditions and repairs your lashes! 
This product is safe and recommended by the Lash Queen.

PRICE: $29.99


This is an "eyelash extension friendly" two in one product that cleanses the eyes and skin. 
FACENVY is Paraben and oil free, which is excellent for people with eyelash extensions, as  it does not break down the glue. This product contains papaya extracts to help keep your skin and lashes healthy!


Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions (as seen in the Oscar gift
bags) are an exciting new concept in eyelash extensions that
does not require glue or false lashes. They are a perfect and
safe add on for your eyelash extensions for between fills and/
or to dramatize your existing lashes or natural eyelashes, 
extensions to the extreme. There is an increase of 300% that
adds fullness and length.Cherry Blooms has a shelf life of 3
years and if you were to use everyday,  lasts up to 4 months.  
It lasts up to 4 days if you do not wash it off.


Cherry Blooms is a lightweight fibre lash extension mascara

that takes as little as 60 seconds to apply. It is tear proof and

sweat proof yet it washes off with warm water and a cotton

ball.  Not only does it increase the existing lashes up to 300% but it is also a natural product that stimulates your own eyelash growth. It is gentle and lightweight and has a natural antibacterial and moisturizing ingredient, beeswax. This also helps to leave your lashes soft, not brittle. The non-toxic ingredients are safe for sensitive eyes and also contact lens wearers and eyelash extension safe!  So if you are looking to dramatize your existing eyelash extensions for a night out or simply want the look of extreme lashes....Cherry Blooms is perfect for you!


Celebrities, makeup artists, TV hosts salon owners have fallen in love with this product! 

Ask for details on why Cherry Blooms is the number #1 Fibre Lash product on the market.

PRICE: $60

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