I am a hairstylist and leading hair extension expert and trainer. I install all methods of extension but specialize in Nano Link Hair Extensions. 
Nano Link Extensions are #1 in the strand by strand method, and currently taking over the hair extension industry. Absolutely no heat or adhesive is used during the installation of nano links. A very small bead is strung onto precise sections of the natural hair; thus being the ideal method for all hair types.​
I use the absolute best quality human hair. 100% cuticle intact European Remy hair. When cared for properly this hair will last 8 months to a year.  A full head installation of Nano Links are done in about one hour and required maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks. Unlike other methods, Nanos can be used over and over again making this method a true investment.​
Wearing hair extensions can be life changing. If you're looking to achieve length, volume,correct a bad cut or recovering from medical hair loss,then Nano Links are for you. 
I am one of the best in the industry. My main goal is to always maintain the integrity of the natural hair while giving you the look you have always dreamed of!